About Random Harvest

Random Harvest is the band founded by David J. Burkhard in 2004. Originally, the band was created in an attempt by DJB to connect with his teenage daughters through an inaugural "Concert in the Yard" performance. Though Annie and Katie quickly outgrew performing with their father, the band continued. Much to his surprise and that of his band mates, DJB began writing songs at the age of 48 years. He has produced 2 full length CD's of original material - "Ode to Mystery" in 2010 and "White Man with a Hat" in 2012. Another CD is in the planning stages. The band now consists of 4 full time members and features classic 1970's Rock covers and original material. 

Classic 70's Rock 'n Roll and Original Folk/Rock Music

Random Harvest‚Äč

(Pictured from Left: Rob Amrhein, Roy Mills, the "Dreamweaver" , and David J. Burkhard)